Changes to IR35 in the private sector will come into force in April 2021. To help you prepare, we’ve created an exclusive IR35 Hub, filled with information and insight that explains what’s changing, who’s affected, and what working options are available to you.

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What is IR35?

IR35 is a tax law that targets those who falsely position themselves as limited company contractors in order to pay less tax; something HMRC sees as tax avoidance.

IR35 helps determine whether contractors are working through their limited companies correctly. The legislation tends to concern contractors who provide their services via a Personal Service Company. 

Check out our exclusive video to find out more about IR35 and how it works in practice.

IR35 - What are the changes?

IR35 reforms come into force at the start of April 2021. The changes will try to make sure that those who bill for their services via a limited company - despite working in the same way as an employee - are paying the correct employment taxes.

Take a look at our short film to find out more about the changes and the impact they’ll have on the private sector.

How to prepare for IR35

Now’s the time to prepare for next April’s IR35 changes. So, we’ve put together some top tips to help contractors like you ride the incoming wave of legislative change. Whether you’ve been caught by the new rules, or if you’re unsure about your IR35 status, you need to make sure your business is prepared for what’s to come.

Watch our brand new video for more information on how to prepare for IR35, and the options available to you.

How Danbro Can Help

As we provide both accountancy and employment umbrella solutions, we can advise and support on the best way of working, whether inside or outside IR35.

Our clients can transfer seamlessly from working via their PSC to our Employment Umbrella solution and back again, meeting the needs of each assignment and its working practices. What’s more, if you want to keep your Limited Company active, you can work through our Employment Umbrella for free*.

We also provide free IR35 assessments for existing Limited Company clients. Furthermore, at an additional cost, we can provide an independent working practices review to support a decision on IR35 status.

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